Laktasi, RS, Maj 5th2012 ()

At the exhibition opening held in Laktasi, professor Emir Kusturica and the President of the Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik, attended the show among many numerous visitors.
Taken from Emir Kusturica`s speech at the opening ceremony...

...  Zeko is an extremely caring person and his path of  life led him to the world’s scene, where he visited approximately fifty countries together with us. It is this very sensitivity that enabled him to capture with his lenses the most peculiar events in the audience.  He managed to achieve something which the great photographers of Rolling Stones failed to do- stated Kusturica, and said further that Zeko’s photographs excel the work of his colleagues who follow the world’s leading bands.

He also added that the exhibition presents a particular  life expressed by Zeko’s objective in the most skillful way. Some photographs, Kusturica emphasizes, reach the extent of sophisticated work of art.