Lodz, Poland, July,8th 2011 ()

Photos that you can hear!

   The photo exhibition on the occasionof 10th anniversary of the band “Emir Kusturica &the No Smoking Orchestra” was opened in the National Museum ofCinematography in the Polish city Lodz.

   The journalist of the Polish statetelevision in her report for TV news, among other things said:“Looking at the photos which Teodorovic offered us, I heard themusic of Emir Kusturica and The No Smoking Orchestra”.

   The exhibition was opened byMieczysław Kuźmicki – director of the Museum of Cinematography.The opening of the exhibition, amongothers, was attended by Serbian film director Darko Bajic, Macedonianfilm director Antonio Mitrikeski, Kimberly Jentzen and DavidMacmillan.